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Classic Rail Journeys

India by train’ is an experience in itself. The Indian Railways decided to give the discerning traveller a novel experience by partnering with the state government of Rajasthan. Thus came into being the Palace On Wheels, with its refurbished vintage coaches, recreating luxury rail travel as enjoyed by royalty in the past. With its international standards of comfort and safety it became a huge success, inspiring the emergence of yet another train, namely, Royal Rajasthan On Wheels. This was followed by the unveiling of the Maharajas’ Express, India’s most luxurious train ever, taking luxury rail travel to another level altogether. Not to be left behind, the Karnataka state government decided to showcase South India on wheels through the Golden Chariot, an epitome of the quiet elegance and gracious living of royals of the South.

Classic Rail Journeys is a premier travel agency which takes one through a unique ‘holiday by train’ heritage experience. It offers various luxury train vacation packages and assists with online train travel bookings. One of the best luxury travel operators, it provides its clients with a smooth and seamless experience resulting in unending loyalty and trust. Tearing a page from history, CRJ provides the modern day traveller top of the line facilities bringing the royal splendour of the past to them. The above mentioned Indian luxury trains offer customized itineraries, an exceptional way of experiencing the varied moods, colours and traditions of this Incredible India. These trains in fact, are some of the best luxury trains in Asia and are designed to offer the passengers a truly larger than life royal experience reminiscent of an era gone by.

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